Covid 19

As transmission rates leading to new infections and ultimately deaths have been decreasing over the past few months, restrictions nationally are being lessened. However, as a care home we are still observing quite tight guidelines and we are effectively still in ‘lockdown’ in terms of where residents are allowed to go. 


Visiting is allowed. Family and friends can visit, although guidelines with regard to testing, PPE and social distancing must be adhered to. Visits out of care homes with families and friends are allowed but this must be supervised by a member of staff or with one of the resident’s nominated visitors. Visits must be in open spaces with social distancing. 

We are observing the following procedures to help keep people safe:



The single most effective prevention against the disease is good hand washing with soap and water. All staff and residents follow stringent procedures on this including when to wash hands and following the correct technique. Alcohol sanitising gel is utilised in addition to hand washing, not replacing it unless access to soap and water is not possible.



Comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting schedules are followed within the home. This will be intensified should we have any suspected or confirmed cases of Covid -19.


Health Checking

Temperatures of residents are checked twice a day. Temperatures of staff are checked when they come on shift.



Public transport is not used. We have 5 vehicles available between the 3 homes and so this is not a problem.


We continue to access open spaces in the countryside for a daily walk. These are proving ever popular, and new walks are being found to ensure minimal contact with other people and keeping it interesting. Bike rides in small groups (individual homes) will also continue. Whenever we support residents with physical exercise, we ensure that it is at locations where we are unlikely to pass other people but that there is plenty of space if we do.


Daily exercise is extremely important because a lot of what we do is supporting people to engage in gainful pursuits and occupation. The period of risk from infection will last a long time and it is beneficial for everyone’s physical and mental health to be able to access the outdoors and countryside.


Lack of access to the outdoors can increase the risk of the following non-exhaustive list:

  • Self harm behaviours (specific residents)

  • Arguments between residents

  • Aggressive behaviours increasing

  • Physical attacks toward other residents and staff

  • Absconding

  • Mental health problems


Increases in behavioural problems may then lead to a greater need for outside specialist behavioural or medical help further increasing the risk from Covid-19.



The residents are subject to very stringent restrictions but without fully understanding why or indeed the gravity of the current situation. Although staff discuss the situation regularly and expose the residents to the news, once a week a group discussion after tea will take place to update residents on what is happening and to allow them the opportunity to voice their frustrations.

Medical Appointments

Any medical need is discussed with health professionals initially over the telephone photos can be shared and if the need for follow up is considered necessary we can arrange a convenient time.



Only essential works and repairs will be allowed to take place.


Visitors & Family Contact

Please see the Visitors Policy below.


Family Support

We are contacting family members that may be more vulnerable (age or illness) and find it more difficult to get out, that live locally to offer support by way of purchasing and delivering food and supplies.



During these times of infection risk, staff are urged to ensure that they follow Government guidelines and do not have any unnecessary contact outside of their own household and work. Any questions on this should be directed to the managers.


We will continue to monitor all policies and procedures and make amendments where necessary to help protect everyone in these difficult times.


Below are the current policies and risk assessments for visiting the home.


Additionally, there are comprehensive risk assessment within the homes that are updated regularly

Cocklebury Farmhouse Homes

Coronavirus Visitor Policy